Three Great Hamburger Restaurants in Detroit, Michigan by Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros

Detroit Michigan Restaurant HamburgerRoyal with Cheese is located in the Midtown neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. They got the name from the movie Pulp Fiction when John Travolta explains to Samuel Jackson (Vincent and Jules) that in Paris, they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese a Royal with Cheese.

They opened the doors at Royal with Cheese in 2017 with the goal to create a unique hamburger restaurant that fit into the foodie community that is big in Detroit. The building they are located in was built in 1913 and they wanted to keep the original character with Edison-bulb light fixtures and exposed brick walls.

They have several references to Pulp Fiction in the restaurant which makes for a fun atmosphere for their clientele. Is it any wonder they get a four-point-four-star rating with over two thousand reviews on the internet? Their commitment to quality is a big reason with freshly baked bread daily and beef patties that are never frozen. It could also be because they use a custard base in their five-dollar shakes which gives them a creamier and richer flavor.

Basement Burger Bar is literally located in the basement of a one-hundred-year-old building that originally housed Cook & Company in Downtown Farmington which is about twenty-five miles South West of Detroit, Michigan.Detroit MI Restaurant

They opened Basement Burger Bar in 2010 and became an instant success. They used the build your own burger concept so visitors could experiment with flavors they normally would not try.

Above Basement Burger Bar is Arcade 1UP Bar and features iconic arcade games dating back to 1978. For those who were hooked on Mortal Kombat, Off Road, Space Invaders or Ms Packman they can take a trip to the past. There is also an air hockey table as well as basketball and don’t forget everyone’s favorite Pinball!

Whether one wants an evening watching sports or participating in an arcade game tournament this place is a hotspot of fun in Detroit. With over sixteen hundred positive posts online they get close to a four- and one-half star rating.

Detroit MI Restaurant HamburgerFrita Batidos, located in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, is the creation of Chef/Owner Eve Aronoff. She brings over twenty-five years of experience to her restaurant and loves to combine foods from all over the world.

As a child, Eve would visit her Grandmother in Miami where the Cuban influence is strong. She worked alongside many migrant communities learning to cook Creole, African, Spanish and Chinese dishes. She loved the bold spices, texture and contrast of each culture which has inspired her to create unique meals at Frita Batidos.

The name comes from two Cuban dishes. The Frita is made with a burger made of chorizo then she adds shoestring fries on top of the burger and nestles it in a soft, egg bun. The Batidos is make with sweetened milk, crushed ice and fresh tropical fruit. They may have only one hundred and twelve evaluations on the world wide web, but they pull a strong four-point-seven-star rating.

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