Madison Pressure Wash Reviews 3 Restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison WI Restaurant HamburgerDotty Dumplings Dowry, located at 317 N. Frances Street in Madison, Wisconsin, got its humble beginnings in 1969. Owner Jeff Stanley was living in Des Moines, Iowa when he opened a gift shop with that name. The gift shop did well through the years, however, Jeff was ready to take on a different challenge by opening a restaurant.

Jeff moved to Madison, Wisconsin in 1974 and opened the first Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry restaurant. It was a small place that had only ten stools, a countertop and a grill and served for the most part hamburgers. It grew in popularity, so Jeff relocated it to Regent Street in 1976.

As the years went by, the popularity of the restaurant grew to the point Jeff decided once again the move the restaurant. He bought a building on Fairchild Street and decorated the place with trinkets and antiques and a canoe that hang from the ceiling.

The city decided they wanted to put a development in the place Dotty’s was and in 2001 they took it over by eminent domain. Jeff once again realized he was going to have to move so in 2003, he found a home on N. Frances Street. He has gotten close to seventeen hundred positive posts online with a strong four- and one-half star rating.

Owners of Estacion Inka opened their restaurant in 2016 with the goal of serving Peruvian street food. Their first Peruvian restaurant was opened in Madison, Wisconsin in 2006. This husband and wife duo quickly got a strong following.Madison WI Restaurant Photo

Lucas and Esmeralda decided to sell the business in 2019 to siblings from Peru, Clifford, Gabriela, Sofia and Carolina Pezua. Their memories of family and friend gatherings in Peru made Estacion Inka the perfect place for them to come back together.

The siblings have changed the menu to include many of the traditional Peruvian dishes they made in Peru. They have also expanded the menu to include vegetarian options and exciting Latin flavors. They have a strong four-point-six-star rating with over two hundred reviews on the internet.

Patrick Riha, owner of Beef Butter BBQ on 3001 North Sherman Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin, was inspired one day when he read an article about nine of the most difficult restaurants to get into in the United States. One in particular caught his eye in Austin, Texas because barbecue was his favorite food.

Madison WI RestaurantHe researched this restaurant and decided he had to go there. He waited in line for four hours before he was able to sink his teeth in some of the most amazing beef brisket he had ever had. It was right then he decided he needed to open a place in Madison and serve authentic barbecue to its residents.

Patrick knew that up to ninety percent of the restaurants opened fail within the first year. He decided to go on the conservative side when he opened Beef Butter BBQ and put it in a trailer.

Patrick’s gamble paid off and his barbecue restaurant became a big hit with Madisonites. His specialty is his brisket that can be ordered fatty or lean. He had garnered over five hundred and fifty positive evaluations on the world wide web with well over a four-star rating.

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