LA Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Greek Restaurants in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles CA Restaurant GreekAntonis is the owner of Firehouse Taverna located in Tarzana which is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Tony was born and raised in Greece where he would spend his summers on the island of Cyprus visiting his grandfather. There he worked in the grandfather’s restaurant cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for the guests.

In 1992, Tony made his way to the United State where he worked for two years before attending culinary school in Pasadena. He dreamed of owning a small restaurant one day. In 1996 he found Firehouse Taverna and purchased it from an elderly couple.

One of the assets Tony had was his mother who would come to visit for six months at a time after his father passed away. She would sit at the front table and welcome every person that passed through the door. Tony uses recipes he learned from his mother and grandfather and they are a big hit. He has over four hundred online posts giving him four and one-half stars.

The LA Greek Fest is held in the Pico Union area of Los Angeles, California. It is considered one of the most iconic largest Greek celebrations in Los Angeles. The event is held on a three-day weekend and features everything from food and wine to dancing and cultural experiences. This will be their twenty-second festival and is expected to be held in the first weekend of October.Los Angeles CA Restaurant Greek Fest

It is in the shadow of one of Los Angeles’ most gorgeous and well-known Greek Orthodox Cathedrals – Saint Sophia Cathedral. The estimated attendance to the LA Greek Fest is around fifteen thousand people. While there, people can tour the cathedral and gawk at the beautiful colors that encompass the church.

Delphi Greek Hellenic Cuisine got its name from a town in Greece and an archaeological site. Greek mythology has many great places and this one was the site where the god Apollo would worship after he killed the Python. The restaurant is located in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles CA RestaurantOne of the things that Delphi Greek Hellenic Cuisine is good at is catering to large groups. Their catering expertise can take the stress of any person planning an event by providing the food and drinks. They have breakfast for as little as $5.99 per person to dinner menus up to $29.99 per person.

There are only one hundred and twenty-nine internet reviews, but they pull a four-star rating. One patron says she has been getting takeout for five years and has never been disappointed. Many of the posts say the service is awesome and the staff is courteous.

When a restaurant needs to have their commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaned, they look to LA Hood Cleaning. They have been cleaning hoods in the greater Los Angeles, California area for years. Their team of professionals are trained, licensed, bonded and insured.

Hood Cleaning is the process of removing grime and grease from the kitchen exhaust system. Over time, grease can build up not only in the filters but the duct system and on the roof in the turbine. LA Hood Cleaning uses environmentally friendly chemicals that are sprayed on to dissolve the grease. They then use a commercial pressure washer with very hot water to hose down the grease.