Arlington Hood Cleaning Reviews Three Great Breakfast Places in Arlington, Texas

Arlington, Texas sits about twenty miles west of downtown Dallas and twenty miles east of downtown Fort Worth.  In the 2017 census the population was estimated to be close to four hundred thousand.  Breakfast is one of the most popular meals in the day and that means there is a lot of competition for people to eat at an individual’s establishment.

Arlington Texas Restaurant Oh DonutsThey opened their doors in 2012.  Owners Judy and John Kim fell in love with the idea of opening their own donut business one day.  They chose to open their place in a previous Shipley’s Donuts store.

A little history about Shipley’s Do-Nuts.  At the end the depression, a man named Lawrence Shipley, Sr. discovered he could make a great donut and called them Do-Nuts.  Imagine they were originally sold fresh and hot for only five cents per dozen wholesale.

Lawrence traveled all around selling his donuts to retailers while his wife stayed home and watched their son, Lawrence Jr. and daughter Kathy.  Their fondest memories is their father brining in fresh glazed donuts on a Saturday morning.

Eventually they expanded Shipley’s to over one hundred and ninety stores around the country.  They offer over sixty varieties of donuts.  The genius of John and Judy securing the Shipley’s that was located on 1527 New York Avenue in Arlington, Texas proved to be perfect.  Oh! Donuts thrives today with close to one hundred online reviews giving them over four stars.

Located in historic downtown Arlington is the Sanford House.  It is a beautiful Boutique Hotel that has twelve luxury sleeping rooms and a full spa.  Known for its fine dining restaurant, the Restaurant506, it is a popular place for visitors and locals alike to enjoy a relaxing brunch on Saturday or Sunday from ten thirty in the morning to two in the afternoon.Arlington Texas Restaurant Gravy

It is a popular bed and breakfast for weekend visitors.  Their brunch includes French toast, pancakes, two types of eggs benedict, smoked brisket migas to creole biscuits and gravy.  You can pair your meal with one of their drink specialties like a Mimosa or a Bloody Mary.  For those who like coffee spiked, they have great choices.

The Sanford House overall scores over a four-star rating in the internet.  More than two hundred people have posted their review and they are all positive.

Arlington Texas Restaurant PhotoFirst Watch is a popular breakfast place located at 5001 S. Cooper Street in Arlington, Texas.  Their menu features seasonal foods shifting in and out of the seasons capitalizing on what is fresh at the time.  For instance, their Fall favorite seasoning is all things pumpkin.

They have a whopping seven hundred and forty-five reviews on the world wide web.  They are so positive, they score a four and one-half stars.

Arlington Hood Cleaning serves Arlington, Texas and surrounding areas.  Their team of professionals are licensed and trained to remove the grease and grime that builds up in your commercial kitchen exhaust system.

DIY Asbestos Abatement Dangers

Doing a construction project or even home improvements can either help you save some money or even earn some extra cash.  But with everything, there are always some DIY projects that you shouldn’t attempt to do on your own.  One of the most dangerous projects that you can try to take on is asbestos abatement.  Asbestos abatement is the actual removal of asbestos in your home and you should never attempt to perform asbestos removal without consulting a professional asbestos abatement team.  Common places that asbestos can be found are popcorn ceilings, on walls behind wallpaper, roofs, walls and floors.  It can be literally anywhere and actually extremely dangerous for you to come into contact with.

las vegas asbestos abatementSO EXACTLY WHAT IS ASBESTOS?

Asbestos can be a set of six types of specific minerals that come together naturally.  Originally, the synthetic asbestos was created because it was a heat resisting product.  It has been widely used through the years in roofing insulation and other insulation products.  You will most definitely find an asbestos abatement project wherever there is older insulation present.  Why asbestos was finally prohibited in most materials around the end of the 1970’s, it can even be found in products today.  In fact, a product called chrysotile is the only product that still uses asbestos and it is mostly used in fibre cement boards.  Asbestos abatement is a serious project and still common in older properties.


Asbestos and asbestos abatement projects can be deadly and can cause serious illnesses like mesothelioma and asbestosis.  The danger in being around an asbestos abatement project is that it can take years to develop these illnesses and by the time you find them, you will not have a good prognosis in the treating of them.  In fact, if you think that you have been exposed to any asbestos products, you should seek medical treatment immediately.  The medical doctors are able to test to see if and how much you have been exposed to.las vegas asbestos removal


I think that it is simple to say that the substance is so dangerous and mostly when you are exposed to it – it is in an airborne format.  Basically, you won’t even know that you are breathing it in.  Asbestos is pretty much safe if it is left alone but once it is disturbed, especially during a remodel project, it is now released into the air and anyone around the area can breath the substance into their lungs.  It is never a good idea to do an asbestos removal project on your own and you should always seek professional assistance.  Here in Las Vegas, we highly recommend the Las Vegas Environmental Pros for all of your asbestos abatement needs.  This company is recognized by both local Las Vegas government officials as well as the Federal Government.  If you are looking for additional information about Las Vegas Pressure Washing company, this article is a good read with valuable information.


This is a very common question and one that most people just overlook.  It is a serious issue especially if the asbestos has been disturbed.  Always contact a professional asbestos abatement team to have your property tested for the deadly substance prior to any remodeling projects.  Most companies that are reliable will be happy to perform the test for a minimal fee and then provide a free estimate.  In the case that your property will need the asbestos abatement team, most insurance policies do provide coverage for the removal of the substance as well.

Pressure Washer Las Vegas

Here in the desert we get all types of weather.  It can really take a toll on all of our outdoor areas and landscaping.  Along with the weather elements, foot traffic and even vehicle traffic, our concrete surfaces can really appear to be aging quickly.  One of the best remedies for those surfaces here in Las Vegas is a professional pressure washer.  The pressure washer process can really clean up dirty surfaces and restore them to their original appearance.  During the pressure washer process, the water is sprayed with a special machine and intense pressure that gets down deep in the nooks and cracks.  las vegas pressure washer

There are literally hundreds of reasons why the professional pressure washer system can be used.  Not only does it clean but it also sanitizes all kinds of surfaces as well.  That brings me to things like a children’s playground or restaurants bathroom floors.  A professional pressure washer job can be done with our without chemicals and if chemicals are used, they can use the plain water treatment afterwards to remove dangerous chemicals.  Just think of all of the germs that are eliminated at a playground so that all those common colds aren’t spread amongst all the children.  That alone is a major reason to have the pressure washer process done to those specific areas.  It is so important that even the City of Henderson and the City of North Las Vegas have implemented regular pressure washer cleanings within all of their public parks and playgrounds.  The go to pressure washer team is Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros that have years of experience and great knowledge about cleaning products.

One other huge business for the pressure washer crew is the fast food industry.  Most of fast food businesses are basically waterproof as they are all tile floors and washable walls.  They can be entirely cleaned with a good pressure washer job and that can also sanitize bathrooms and clean out greasy kitchen surfaces.  These types of cleaning jobs need to be done at least once per week for most fast food businesses and sometimes even more frequently if the business is super busy.  They are excellent sources of revenue for the cleaning business and the contracts are extremely lucrative.

Outdoor shopping malls are another great source of revenue for pressure washer companies as they not only have massive foot traffic but heavy vehicle traffic as well.  You can only manage parking areas where oil and other vehicle liquids can leak out of the car and heavily stain a parking garage or parking area.  Of course shopping centers want to make a good impression on their potential customers and keeping the parking areas sparkling clean leaves a great first impression on all of their guests.  The walkways, sidewalks and even concrete paver areas all need to be steam cleaned and kept up to high standards for the commercial business.pressure washer pros las vegas

As you can see there are many reasons for hiring a professional pressure washer team.  They truly can make a huge difference in both appearance and cleanliness.  The high powered commercial machines can also adjust their PSI to accommodate just about any surface so that it doesn’t get damaged in the cleaning process.  Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros has years of experience and they are truly the experts when it comes to cleaning all types of surfaces.  They proudly serve Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City,  Laughlin and Mesquite.  There is no job that is too small or too large.

You can also get some great insight in this article about expanding your business into hood cleaning.

Three Great Breakfast Places Brought to You by Fort Worth Hood Cleaning

In my opinion breakfast is the best meal of the day.  Mostly I cook breakfast at home but once in a while I love to go to a good breakfast place.  I tend to only try a couple of items like chicken fried steak and eggs or huevos rancheros.  A restaurant can either make them really good or they can really mess them up.

I have selected three places in Fort Worth, Texas that serve breakfast and have good ratings.

Fort Worth TX RestaurantFixture Kitchen and Social Lounge is on the Southside of Fort Worth.  Chef Ben Merritt was dubbed in Texas Magazine’s 2016 Top Chefs and in 2017 Chef Master.  His restaurant was acclaimed Best New Restaurant, Best Appetizers and Best Brunch.  I’d say he has a pretty good track record.

As a certified Culinarian with the American Culinary Federation, Chef Ben has spent ten years in the restaurant industry.  He traveled the world with the U.S. Navy developed his passion for food and cooking.  He has studied under some of the most prestigious chefs to hon his cooking skills.

Using an eclectic twist, Chef Ben creates some amazing American dishes in the Fixture Kitchen and Social Lounge Kitchen.  He believes he needs to give back by supporting his local community.  One of the places he gives back to is the Fairmont Community Library.

They also support the community by using American wines, craft beer made locally as well as spirits.  This creates a stronger sense of community that the clientele keeps coming back for more.  No wonder they have over three hundred and fifty positive posts online.

rise n 3 is near Texas Christian University in the West Cliff part of Fort Worth, Texas.  This restaurant specializes on French cuisine, especially soufflés due to one of their Founders, Hedda Gioia Dowd.  Her mother was French and her father was Italian American.  She spent every summer in France as a child and there was a lot of food.Fort Worth Texas Restaurants Photo

She watched her grandmother and mother work together in the kitchen to create mouthwatering soufflés.  Amazed at the puffiness and aroma, it left her with a dream of opening her first restaurant in the United States.

Hedda paired with an esteemed chef and lifelong friend Chef Cherif Brahmi.  Born in the food capital in France, Chef Cherif is an award-winning chef that brought the right combination to Hedda’s dream of a restaurant.  rise n 3 gets four and one-half stars on the internet.

Fort Worth Restaurants PictureTaco Heads opened their brick and mortar restaurant in 2016 in the Arlington Heights area of Fort Worth.  Originally one of Fort Worth’s first successful taco trucks, they created a loyal following for tacos.

Taco Heads is the combination of Sara and Jacob Watson.  They found each other on an Uber ride and their partnership grew from there.  Sara had a passion of r creating the perfect taqueria for taco lovers.  She told her mom of her dream and her mother quickly got behind her.  She found all of her old family recipes and she and Sara went to work creating amazing taco recipes.

With over five hundred and forty posts on the web, they truly have a loyal following.

Hood Cleaning Fort WorthFrom food trucks to restaurants, employers who have commercial kitchens should keep in mind they need to have a hood cleaning done on their kitchen exhaust equipment systems.  Grease and particulates are filtered out by these systems and gather in the filter system.  According to the National Fire Protection Association, a commercial kitchen should have a thorough hood cleaning done at least quarterly.

Fort Worth Hood Cleaning has certified professionals that do hood cleaning for restaurants all over the Dallas, Fort Worth area.  They are trained and bonded and used by some of the best restaurants.

Expanding Our Business to Include Hood Cleaning

My husband and I have had our janitorial business for several years now.  Recently we decided we wanted to expand our business to include commercial kitchen hood cleaning.  We really did not have much experience in hood cleaning, so we decided to reach out to our friends at Tampa Hood Cleaning Pros in Tampa, Florida.

Our friends were delighted to hear from us and invited us to travel to Tampa to see their business first hand.  We found a delightful place to stay in Clearwater through a Bed and Breakfast site.  We packed our bags and made the journey to Tampa.

The first day we met with our friends they toured us through their shop and discussed what types of businesses need to have their hoods cleaned on a regular basis.  It is required by law that kitchen exhaust systems be cleaned on a regular basis.  While in our minds we thought we would only be cleaning commercial kitchens in restaurants it was surprising to hear there are several other places commercial kitchens exist.  There are Hotels, Schools, Airports, Nursing Homes, Malls, Hospitals, Summer Camps and Food Trucks to name a few.

They recommended we get ourselves certified as a professional hood cleaning and commercial kitchen business.  They stressed we needed a clear knowledge of the NFPA 96 regulation.  The NFPA 96 is the standard for fire protection and ventilation control of commercial kitchens.  Being certified can be a powerful selling tool when talking to owners and managers of commercial kitchens.

Hood Cleaning Tampa FloridaThat night we dined at one our friends’ favorite places, Rooster and the Till.  Rooster and the Till was rated #1 Restaurant in Tampa Bay by the Tampa Bay Times – 2018.  Located in Seminole Heights, this thirty-seven-seat restaurant was opened in 2013.  It now seats seventy-two people.

This restaurant has two partners, Chef Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez.  They love to greet new customers and welcome return customers.  The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, and their food was amazing.

While dining with our friends, they gave us some pointers on best practices for a hood cleaning business:

  • Be good at marketing our kitchen exhaust business – once you have landed a client, be sure to get them on a regular cleaning schedule
  • Build relationships with the local inspectors and fire departments
  • Maintain accurate records of each hood cleaning we do
  • Learn how to manage wastewater when cleaning a commercial kitchen. We must stay in compliance with the Clean Water Act and the EPA
  • Be sure to get the best insurance coverage possible
  • Most importantly – maintain our kitchen hood cleaning equipment. This will maximize efficiency and help you keep your clients

I must say my head was spinning when it hit the pillow that evening.  So much to think about and take on!  Both my husband and I were getting more excited and wanted to learn more.

Day two we returned to our friends’ hood cleaning business to go over what type of equipment we should invest in.  Over breakfast at the Maplewood Street Biscuit Company on N. Dale Mabry Hwy, they gave us a great marketing tip; since most hood cleaning is done during the evening to early morning hours, send your crew to breakfast before they go home.  This can be a great way to find a new client!Hood Cleaning Tampa Florida media

They encouraged us to find a good supplier of commercial kitchen cleaning equipment.  Here is some of the items they recommended:

  • Professional grade pressure washer
  • High Pressure hoses
  • Hose Reels
  • Duct Access doors
  • Cleaning Agents – preferably Eco Friendly
  • Grease and Oil Spill Absorbent
  • Spray Guns
  • Magnets
  • Floor Dryers
  • Commercial Fan Hinge Kits
  • Personal Protective Gear
  • Scrappers and Blades
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • Poly Wash Pads

Hood Cleaning Tampa Florida pictureDay three we decided to take off and see some sites.  We went to Tarpon Springs then had an amazing lunch at Gill Dawg in Port Richey.  There was so much to talk about and plan to put this business together that we needed one day of downtime to put our action plan in place.

Day four we returned to our friends’ hood cleaning business to experience a hood cleaning job in person.  This hood cleaning was in a commercial restaurant that had not been cleaned in a while.  They put up the plastic sheeting and went about their task (which was held by the magnets).  Once the job was done, we saw the amazing transformation to their equipment.  It almost looked like new.  Then the hood cleaning crew talked the owner into putting them on a regular schedule.  This is important as some people just don’t realize how the grease can build up and cause a fire hazard.

That evening we dined at Yah Mon an Elegant Dining establishment with authentic Caribbean food.  They are rated the highest for Caribbean food in Tampa, Florida and I would highly recommend it.

We went home with a renewed excitement to expand our janitorial business to include commercial restaurant hood cleaning.